Unity Church of Ames

Order — Heaven’s First Law

Midweek Faith Lift


October 4, 2017

      Su Podraza-Nagle, LUT


Happy October 1st! It is a month of harvest, fall colors, Jack-o-lanterns, Pumpkin Spice everything, and a new Power to express, as we continue our journey through “Divine Audacity “by Linda Martella-Whittset.

This month we will be taking a look at the “The Light of Order- The Power of Organization, Adjustment and Evolution”

Order-, in the “Mysteries of Genesis” Charles Fillmore states,Is the first law of the universe. Indeed there would be no universe unless various parts were kept in perfect harmony. In the sense mind there is disorder, manifest in confusion of thought and action, while in Divine Mind everything is in perfect order.”

Here’s an example:

Once upon a time, I tried to put something together for my young daughter, and I had skipped through the instructions. Looking at it, I figured I could put it together only to find out towards the end, something was wrong; it didn’t look like the way it should. I got frustrated because I took a lot of time trying to figure it out. So, I had the choice of going back through the instructions doing it correctly, or leaving it the way it was.

So, I chose to go back through the instructions, taking it all apart, and starting all over again, following the instructions. I had spent more time putting it together (twice) than I would have if I had followed the manual in the first place.

There was a reason for the instructions. Parts needed to be assembled in order. I, in my “sense mind” created confusion, disorder, frustration, and a few non-repeatable words.


Order is Heaven’s first law.

Let’s break this down a bit further:

In the Metaphysical Dictionary by Charles Fillmore, “The Revealing Word” Heaven- The Christ consciousness; the realm of Divine Mind; a state of consciousness in harmony with the thoughts of God. Heaven is everywhere present. It is the orderly, lawful adjustment of God’s kingdom in man’s mind, body, and affairs.

A state of Christ conscious harmony is within all of us.

Here’s another thought to consider:

In Unity, when we talk about Order we are also speak of Divine Order– which is, Mind, Idea, Manifestation (expression)

Linda Martella- Whitsett in “Divine Audacity” says, “…….It is the integrated arrangement of energy in a pattern, sequence, or method.”(161)

Time for another example:

Bubbles, one of my favorite tools in Children’s Church.

Everyone was given a bottle of bubbles. (check to make sure everyone has one)

Go ahead and blow bubbles……….. (Give everyone a chance to make bubbles)

How many of you were able to blow bubbles without taking the wand out first?

When we consciously consider what just transpired, we realize; there is a method or an order for blowing bubbles-

“OOOOOO BUBBLES!!!!” (Example of -MIND)

The next thought was to “BLOW BUBBLES” (an example of- Idea)

And THEN, lifting the wand out and taking a breath, (every breath is a prayer from today’s Daily Word) we have the result of (prayer) bubbles in the sanctuary! (an example of -Manifestation or expression)

All of this happened in “ORDER” and it created a beautiful love (prayer) bubble filled area.


How does this correlate to our spiritual practices?

We express “Order” when-

We organize our day to make time to consciously acknowledge that One Power and One Presence through daily prayer and meditation.

We make an adjustment in our discernment of each day and seeing that spark of the Christ presence in the people around us.

We, through our ever evolving spirit continue to bring our god-ness into expression.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll learn more about how the Powers of Organization, Adjustment, and Evolution bring about the “Light of Order” within us.

Let’s start expressing our “Light of Order” by singing our way into meditation

With “You Are the Face of God”…………………

We take a breath in……….And out…………….. (x2)

We become comfortable in the space we are in…..becoming relaxed……………..from our head, shoulders, arms, back, legs and feet we release any feeling of tension………..

Another breath in…………..and out

We, with our minds eye, recreate that moment of making prayer bubbles……..we see Order…….

Of opening the container…. blowing through the wand…..every breath is a prayer….create those bubbles…..watch them propel outward….ever onward

As every breath is a prayer, now in the silence, we release more prayer bubbles……for our friends……..family…………strangers……….animals…….earth…….

As we come back to this moment,… this place we are in,…. we acknowledge that “You are the Face of God”


With a BIG THANKS to Su!

Blessings on the Path,

Rev. Deb