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Annual Meeting Reports

All Reports for Annual Meeting

January 12, 2014

Unity Church of Ames

Presented for the Faith Lift Jan. 22, 2014

Rev. Deb Hill-Davis

This past Sunday, we had a fantastic guest speaker, Rama Inacio from Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village.  His presentation was primarily experiential, so you are invited to view it online through our Vimeo service. What I have provided to you today is the text of our Annual Meeting reports from Clark Ford, Board President, Rev. Deb, Minister and Jim Trenberth, Treasurer.  These are provided to all of you who are part of our online community who support our ministry with your prayers, tithes and love offerings.  The reports begin with gratitude for all the loving service given in 2013 and then goes to the minister’s report of all the activities of 2013, the vision for 2014 and then finally, the treasurer’s report of how we sustained the community financially in 2013.  Please read the reports and know that your prayers, tithes and love offerings are of infinite value to this church community!  We are blessed by all of you!

President’s Report-Clark Ford

Thank-you all

     For all you do

     For all you give

     For making this a wonderful year at Unity Church of Ames!


Board of Trustees

Clark Ford

Jim Trenberth

Sally Hanna

Mark Barrett

Steve Newell

Liz Holzer

Rev. Deb


Thank-You Sunday School Team

Su Nagel

Barb McKelvey

Jo Self

Mary Fox

John Anderson


Thank You Bookstore Team

Barb McKelvey

Claire Uldrich

Thank-you Teams

  Worship, Celebration & Music

  Building & Grounds

  Prayer & Chaplains




  Fundraising & Social



  Thank-you all for helping to maintain the Church Building


Air Conditioning




Thank-you Staff

Sanja Cooklin

Jim Prouty



Thank-you Guest Speakers:

Chris Foster

Clark Ford

Amy and Mark Adams

Nancy Evans

Su Podraza-Nagle


Thank-you Music Team

Sally Hanna

Charlene Boll

Megan Batchelder

Clark Ford

Laura Callahan

Luke Davis



Reader’s Theater

Chili Suppers



Chat &Chew the Word


Game & Movie Nights



Minister’s Report, Rev. Deb Hill-Davis

A quick review of 2013…. The Transition from Surviving to Thriving


Installation service

Burning Bowl/ White Stone services

Pounds for Hounds & Kitties too,

Chaplain Installation and New Member Sunday

 Ash Wed. Special Service


Palm Sunday/Easter

Rev. Deb guest speaker at ISU Women’s Wellness Day and

Women’s Wellness Retreat at Wesley Acres in Des Moines


Bloom Where You’re Planted Retreat at the Iowa Arboretum

Angel Garden Dedication


Unity of Ames Birthday Party

Neighborhood Ice Cream Social

ISU Welcome Fest

Joining Unity Identity Program

Day trip to Cedar Rapids with Su Podraza/Nagle to meet other Unity leaders in Iowa

Garage Sale

September/ October:

Board Retreat

World Day of Prayer Special Service-with guest ministers speaking

Season of Gratitude/Mel in the Morning Promotion

Rock Out in Gratitude Concert to benefit Good Neighbor

Rev. Deb –attended Unity South Central Regional Conference at Unity Village

Day trip to attend Janet Conner workshop in Cedar Rapids with class members


Worldly Goods- Unity Day

Trivia Night

Season of Gratitude Sales/Promotion

Website reconfigured to reflect new Logo/ New Sign-thanks Mark!


Reader’s Theatre- “Miracle on 34th Street”

Unity Christmas Tree at the Ames Festival of Trees

Christmas Stockings completed and delivered to YSS

Special Christmas Eve Service

Unity of Ames joins the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ongoing Activities:  Newsletter

Wed. Faith Lift

ARLA-Ames Area Religious Leaders Association ( I am now the  interim President)

Women clergy of Ames

Wednesday Classes, Weekly Meditation and Sunday Service!

Minister’s Vision for 2014

My vision is for the community that is Unity Church of Ames to grow in consciousness both as a community and as individual members.

My intention is to continue to deepen our prayer consciousness and connection to Spirit so that all that we DO flows from our awareness deeply rooted in who we are as Christed Beings! 

My passion is Unity in the Community so that we are a vital presence and a meaningful part of the city of Ames and the larger community beyond.

My goal is to continue to lead us from surviving to thriving as a community.  This includes thriving spiritually, physically and financially.  If each one of us who attends regularly gave $40.00 per week, it would be sufficient to maintain all that we are currently doing and pay a minister a full time salary.

WHAT & HOW will we realize this vision?  These are some of my thoughts….

Website Development—Continued improvement of the website so that current activities are on the main page

Board Training- Scheduled in May of 2014

Retreats/ Workshops:  Rama Inacio & Sound Healing & All Church Retreat in May at the  Iowa Arboretum (w/ guest co-facilitator- possibly Robyn Plante)

Continued Outreach……to the community via service projects/community garden, whatever the need is and where the energy of Spirit seems to call us.

Fun—–Comfort Food Cookoff, Summer Church Picnic/ Ice Cream social, Chili Supper, Circulation Day/ Movie Nights and…and….and……???  Another concert perhaps….Rock Out for Gratitude again in the fall.

Church-after-church Discussion times for further dialogue about Sunday lessons, especially the upcoming series Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

Regular Community Meetings- 3-4 times per year.

Fund Raisers:  Christmas wreath decorating contest/ Trivia Nights/ Garage Sale ?? Other ideas….what does it take for us to thrive financially?

Ministers’s WISH List

Expanded Music for Sundays—add guitar/percussion to keyboard-  DONE!

More lighting on the platform…..dimmable spots! (still wishing)

Identify an individual who can/will manage the website on a regular basis to work with Mary Acevedo who is presently managing much of the website.

Financial Report for Annual Meeting 1-12-2014

Jim Trenberth, treasurer

Where we are as of January 1, 2014

•Checking  $1240

•Savings $366

•Building Fund $1964

TOTAL $3570

Where we were as of January 1 2013

•Checking  $1209

•Savings $366

•Building Fund $4181

TOTAL  $5756


•$65780 Total

•Tithes $62,538

•Classes and Workshops $2547.00

•Special Events $1814.00

–Retreat, jewelry, garage sale, trivia

•Building Rental $799.00

•Other Income $629.00


Total $70,800

•Building $23,696.31

•Minister $21,780.00

•Administration $12,647.09

•Music & Outreach $4786.08

•Tithing $7891.50


•Maintenance $7,369.81

–Dehumidifier(new), Lift, Refrigerators, Furnace & Air(new),

•Mortgage Principal $6237.72

•Mortgage Interest $4,562.28

•Cleaning $3,600.00

•Electric and Water $2149.00

•Heat $1,776.00

•Grounds and snow removal $1,150.00

•Trash $266.40


•Administrative Assistant $4,160.00

•Insurance $2347.25

•Copier $1,219.80

•Internet and Web Site $1,199.43

•Phone $ 902.63

•Supplies and Printing $899.54

•Fellowship $852.99

•Advertising $397.50


As we close, please hold the Board in prayer as we develop the budget for 2014 and set an intention for what our church community is called to manifest in 2014.  You are a blessing and we are blessed by your prayers, service, tithes and love offerings! 

Love and blessings,

Rev. Deb