Unity Church of Ames

August Theme

The Seven Days of Creation and the Creative Process continues through August!

August 3, 2014 :  The Second World Cafe Meeting- 12:00 in the Community Room right after church!

Sunday Service at 10:30- “The Two Great Lights!” –Rev. Deb Hill-Davis

Looking Ahead

It is late July and we have almost filled two grocery carts for MICA….so keep collecting your nonperishable food items!  Summer is the slowest time for donations and the demand for help does not decrease, so we are truly a blessing to MICA!  You will be able to bring food and cash donations through the first  Sunday in August.

Unity Garage Sale is in August…..15th & 16th at 1510 Indiana Ave. in Ames

All donations need to be clean and in good shape.
Garage Sale donations to:
Barb McKelvey
1510 Indiana Ave.
Aug 3   After 1 pm
Aug 4   All day
Aug 6   AM only
Aug 7, 9, 10& 11 All day
Aug 12 & 13 AM only
Please call ahead and blessings,   Barb



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